Digital Stamping

"Digital Stamping" - is a relatively new thing in the crafting world involving technology (or it's new to me!)  It's real big in the UK - I tried out this digital stamp (printing from my computer)onto card-stock postcards and then colored the digital image with prismacolor markers and pastels.  Just had to add some sparkle with fine glitter too! (my students would shutter... I DO NOT let my students get close to glitter in the classroom!) Love this... I purchased more "digi stamps" from a lovely lady living in the UK named Chris - here's a link to her blog; she's got a unique style with water-coloring her stamps - it's very dramatic.   She's also the main one to inspire my purchase of the Cuttlebug - more post to come for that little sweet machine later!  I've already lost sleep playing with it! (yes, it's a weird type of love... KV's got Facebook and I've got crafts ~ remember... we do not have "cable TV"!)  How the world has changed!  I can blog and surf all over the world - totally amazing!  What will we be able to do in 5 - 10 more years? No telling!  
     So!  Tonight was my trial run with digital stamps - and I like 'em!  I'll try out more digi stamps later and let ya know!  

Hope you survived your Monday well.  Our "Parent Shadowing Day" at the high school was well attended!  I feel old at 44  with most of the "parents" younger than me - argh!  Here's to a great week - great weather, great friends - spend your time wisely!  Hug the ones you love!