Simply Watercolor Day 2

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DAY 2 – Simple Critters and Animals

Today, We painted really  fun, simple animals!   Really enjoyed painting these critters and animals - it was fun!   

Project 1 - DAY 2 

 Today, I am starting my project of painting a bird holding several balloons.  Really enjoyed painting these simple animals - it was fun to paint these!   

That is it for DAY 2 of "Simply Watercoloring Class!  

Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

Simply Watercolor Class - Day 1

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Today, I am starting my FIRST interactive on-line watercoloring class this week.  Day 1, we are creating patterns and backgrounds; this may soon be one of my favorite techniques! There are so many different ways you can create patterns!

Technique 1 - DAY 1 

 Here is my homework form the first card - watercoloring a plaid design: 

     Here are several more painted plaid patterns that I painted and experiment with...  I have three sons - all different universities to represent!  

Technique #2

We’re learning to play with color by painting an easy grid pattern. I did have fun painting with different water-to-pigment ratios for lighter or deeper colors!  

Technique #3

 The next technique is repeating shapes. I used the circle pattern included in the PDF class notes.  Also had fun creating a design with a cascade of stars and another with hearts!!

That is it for DAY 1 of "Simply Watercoloring Class!  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  This class is fun...  I'm learning - just very SLOWLY!  Going to have a TON of new cards added to my stash - YAY!  

Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

2018 June's Card Swap "Summer" theme/challenge

Our challenge for the June's Card Swap was "SUMMER"!  Summer time is in full swing, so card swappers were challenged to design a card with a SUMMER theme that could include a celebration of choice or not!    This theme was an unique theme for our ladies to take and shine with their creativeness! 

     Due to all the chaotic summer schedules of the swappers - we decided to have a "gather and deliver" card swap this month!  We gathered up the swaps and several ladies helped in the swap delivery!  Card swaps were delivered in a watermelon decorated sack in lieu of the "summer" theme!  So lucky to have these women in my life!!

Here are the cards for the swap... enjoy!







Thanks for joining us and letting us share our card swap for June with you!  Here's a link to last month's swap here.  The last swap was in April (we skipped the month of May) and the theme was a Card/Gift Holder! 

     Next month's challenge is our traditional "Christmas in July" swap but the challenge this year is to make a UNTRADITIONAL card...  it'll be up to the swapper to determine and define "untraditional"!!   This should be fun!  Be sure and check back for next month's swap!

     Hope you are enjoying your summer!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!