2017 June's Card Swap - SUMMER theme

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Here are some delightful cards from June's Card Swap.  Sure to get you in the "summer" time mood!
For this month - the challenge was to create a SUMMER themed card with a DIE-CUT element. And can I just brag on these ladies... these card swaps are just"AMAZING"!  

Sue Haile was our hostess for this month.  She jumped in when I realized that my vacation dates didn't work with the swap dates - she's the best!  She served the ladies with style... going with a red,white & blue Independence Day theme and served finger sandwiches and fancy "Funyuns"!  Thank you again, Sue! 

We had 9 swappers for this month:  Sandra, Maria, Pam, Margie, Meagan, Angie, Vicky, April and Melissa.  

Sandra (she made 2  cards...)









 How about these SUMMER cards with creative DIE-CUT embellishments?!?!?  They are soooo Cu-Te, aren't they?  Well done, ladies!  

For July, we are doing "Christmas in July" card with the challenge of adding a creative "holder"  . 
Here's a link to last month's card swaps (April 2017/ Monochromatic). 

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2017 April's Card Swap - "Monochromatic"

Our challenge for the April's Card Swap was to create a card that is "Monochromatic"  with the theme being "swapper's choice"  
This challenge was an unique theme for our ladies to take and shine with their creativeness - it was fun to see everyone's interpretation!  

This month was held at the our high school's media center - it was decorated for a SPRING theme - "April showers bring May flowers"!

  We had 9 card swappers this month.
These ladies are so sweet - there is always a refreshing, positive atmosphere when we all meet together!  So lucky to have these women in my life!!

Here are the  9 "Monochromatic" cards with a variety of themes this month - Maria, Megan, Angie, Melissa, Sandra, Pam, Kate, Vicky & Margie.  Enjoy!










Thanks for joining us and letting us share our card swap for April with you!  Here's a link to last month's swap here (Easter).   

Next swap will be held in June (skipping the month of May).  June's Card Swap challenge is to create a "SUMMER" card...  The challenge is to include a DIE-CUT in the card creation!  This should be fun!  Be sure and check back for June's swap!

     Hope you are enjoying your spring!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!