2018 January Card Swap - Valentine's Day

Hello!  Our January 2018 Card Swap was held the last Monday of the month - 
The challenge this month was to create and design a Valentine themed card!

  The results turned out FABULOUS! 

We had the honor to celebrate a birthday with one of our special swappers - PAM!  We sent her a birthday bag full of homemade cards!  We love our sweet PAM!!

We had seven swappers this month that created a VALENTINE card!  Pam, Meagan, Angie, April, Vicky, Maria & Melissa.








This month was a great success!  - Here is a link to November's card swap - Christmas themed gift tags.

For the month of FEBRUARY - our challenge is a CREATIVE COLOR CHALLENGE - our swappers can pick one or more COOL COLORS to create a card with envelope with ANY type of theme or style!  Sure to have some "cool" cards next month - don't forget to stop back by to see all the challenge entries posted here!

Thanks for stopping by and letting us share our card swaps! Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

2017 November Card Swap - Christmas Gift Tags

Welcome to this month's card swap.  
Wishing you a great day, today!  

For November's Card Swap  - the challenge was to create and design  3 Christmas GIFT TAGS per swapper.  This turned out to be a spectacular exchange!  Just wait and see...

During the swap, we enjoyed some delicious treats from April.  Also a quick & cute "make and take"
punched Rudolf project.  The video is here - at this link - if you are interested! 

This month we had 9 swappers to exchange - again the Christmas gift tags are so beautiful!  Enjoy this month's card swaps! 



















 How about these GIFT TAGS ?!  They are Cu-Te, aren't they!  Well done, ladies!  For January, we are doing  "Valentine" cards. We do skip the month of December due to hectic schedules and family time!  So, our next swap will be in 2018!!   Here's a link to last month's card swaps. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...