Our first 2016 Card Swap - Burlap & Lace

Hello!  Our first Card Swap for 2016 was held recently in January!  It was a grand time - really missed these ladies and was pleased to meet together once again!  

Our theme for January's swap was LOVE with the challenge of using "burlap and lace" in the creation of the card!  We've had to limit our swap to a maximum of 8 card swappers - due to time and expense to make cards!
For the card swap party, I decorated with a burlap and lace table runner, place mats and simple table decorations!  We had a "girlie" tea party - with china plates, cups, warm beverages and fresh palmier cookies! 

Try out the simple recipe here for these cookies!  LOVE hosting these swaps...   Here are some of the take-home party goodies - large lifesaver mints with punched covers or LOVE stapled tabs, pillow pockets decorated with burlap flowers and lace; filled with kisses and decorated belly-banded water all using burlap and lace! 

 BUT, as always, the cards were the main attraction to this swap and they were  AWESOME!  

We had seven swappers this month!








This month was a great success!  - Here is a link to our last swap in November's - theme was Christmas.

Also - gotta share what Ms. Angie did!!  One of our card swapper ladies has had to deal with a tragic event with her only son being severely hurt in a car wreck with major head injuries; she - herself has had major medical issues piled upon that... SO!  We all made cards of encouragement for her family and Ms. Angie's pre-school made a banner of "little hands" that was sent to Michael!  How awesome is that!  It was the cutest thing ever...  Cudos - Angie and kiddos!

For the month of FEBRUARY- our challenge is a BABY theme using an ANIMAL in the design along with NON-TRADITIONAL COLORS!  Sure to bring a creative zing to our swap!  
Be sure and stop back by to see all the challenge entries posted here!

Thanks for stopping by and letting us share our card swaps! Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

Our LAST Card Swap of 2015

Hello!  Here are our challenge entries for the last Card Swap in 2015. The challenge this month was to design and create a TAG CARD or make 4 TAGS per entry with the theme of CHRISTMAS.  

The challenge was also to include something SHINY! We had 8 entries this month - and MY!  They are all outstanding - just keep on browsing - you'll see!


(She did both - made a TAG CARD and 4 TAGS... she is our awesome SU Demonstrator!  Boy, does this lady have skills!)








Hope you enjoyed this card swap!  We do not meet in December (or May) - so our next Card Swap will be held in January of 2016!  Here's an early "Happy New Year" to you!  Thanks for joining us here today!

Next month will feature a "LOVE" theme... The challenge is to make a card & envelope with "Burlap & Lace" in the design!  Here's a link to last month's card swap here - October 2015

Thanks for stopping by and letting us hare our card swaps!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most...  until next time!

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