My 3 Precious A's!

With all of my blog posts of challenges and stuff, feeling bad not to include enough of FAMILY posts - and this is suppose to be a blog for FAMILY - (I just think having 2 blogs would be harder to keep up with; sorry!) - I've got to even out the posts with some family stuff! LOL!
Like thats a hard thing to do... for me!

This post is dedicated to my 3 precious A's -
Andy, Alex and Aric!

My sons are my world - plus my sweet hubby - of course! All three are growing up FAST! During Halloween - I was in depression of not having to make party favors... no class parties - at all! ):

With Aric in junior high - he thinks he's 16 years old and has the attitude of a teenage - hence the TWEEN stage! ARGH! Recently, Aric participated in a Womanless Beauty Pageant for the CJHS pep rally. ALICE was a sight for eyes, let me tell ya... He, along with several other 6th grades - provided some fun entertainment for all at the pep rally. Love my Aric-ee, he makes me smile! Aric is our "clown" - school, family... he and Andy are my extroverts... Alex is our intelligent introvert - LOL! Hmmmmm - do you agree? Here's some more pictures of Aric at the pep rally!

Next, is Alex - who is a TEEN and a freshmen this year! Double ARGH! He's making straight A's and adjusting well to having BOTH parents on school campus with him this year! He still runs from me in the hall - but have no fear, I scream and wave to get his attention! (Could be why he runs, huh!) Love, love, LOVE Alex! He's an excellent cook - plays the piano very well, after football, he's now the official basketball manager for the Bobcats!

Last, but not least... Andy Hayes! Andy is a college student in Tusculoosa, Alabama "Roll Tide" - he's a 2nd year senior - only 17 hours left! He's running a scrap metal place in Hamilton, AL in his spare time! Andy LOVES college football! He loves sports in general - but ROLL TIDE is his world! (haven't hugged this child since JUNE...) The latest news on Andy is the HAIRCUT!

I asked him to please send me a picture of himself - he didn't know how... "What kid doesn't know how to take their own picture in a mirror in 2011?" His response was - "Mom, I'm not 16 any more!" - LOL! But he tried and did - and I'm THRILLED! He looks so handsome - the wild-haired Andy has matured and he's all grown up - sniff, sniff! Can't wait for his visit at Christmas! Love this kid!

That's my three precious A's! My boys are the best! Geesh - but I'm their mother - give me a break! Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well for you and your family.

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving week!

Remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time...