Forever Friends!

Tonight, Kyle and I fixed dinner for a special friend in honor of her birthday on Monday!  For her b-day gift, KV helped her set up her "Face Book"!!  She was thrilled - not everyday you can have a computer "guru" right there to help your every move.    Friends are special! The first pic is 15 years ago (OMG)  (Hey PC - remember this pic - hahaha!)
before KV and I even married! We were skinny... what happened!
Happy Birthday Miss P!  We love you!  You'll have to go and visit PAP on Facebook!

We ate "Cowboy Soup" (a southwest style of soup w/ the 15 Bean soup mix) and Mississippi Mud for dessert!  The boys watched "Ghost Busters" AGAIN!  TGIF - I LOVE the weekends!  Hug the ones you love and be sure and tell your FRIENDS that you love 'em too!  I LOVE YOU!

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