Hello, November!

Yahoo... and boy did it whizzzzzzz in with a rush!
Here's some pics from this last week! Hope you've started out the month of November with a smile!

Aric made treats for his 5th grade class. Caramel apple suckers with a cute stamped cover! He assemblied them along with the help of Dallas the Dalmatian. (Dallas, our family dog, has been with the family 7 years! Andy adopted her from the city pound on Halloween his freshman year...2003;)

We also made a
Halloween Trail mix
for the 5th grade teachers! Here's the recipe:

Halloween Trail Mix
Rice Chex Cereal
M&M candies
Small pretzels
Candy Corns
Cheerio cereal
White Almond bark

Mix all the contents (except bark) together in a LARGE bowl! Heat the almond bark in microwave, according to the package and add to bowl of mix! Toss to coat all with the melted bark. Dry out on cookie sheets. Package and give away in air-tight bags. ENJOY!

Alex played his last "out of town" game on Thursday against Bushland. The B-team was the only team of Childress to win out of the games this weekend. (Aric had to try on "big brother's" helmet.... caught a cute pic of that!)

Aric enjoyed the Black-out pep rally with the AR group at the high school. Then a Harvest party at the elementary school.

Aric dressed up for his job in a Ranger's baseball outfit! (real spooky, huh!) Here's a couple of other "gymnastic" dress-up students!

Saturday, three of us worked the Halloween in the Park - spooky hayride. KV stayed home and worked in the yard, trying to winterize everything before the really cold weather comes! The boys and I were the "Creepy Family"! I was to be a creepy mom with creepy kids standing beside the spooky trail and after the trailer passes - we shot waterguns over the crowd on the trailer for a real scare! So much for our "Cute" Halloweens... (boo!) my boys are too big to trick 'n treat and wear the fun costumes... I miss those days...

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend to end October right! Hello, November! Hug the ones you love the most! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. C was so mad that she couldn't go to that deal at the park.