Everyone else is doing it...!

"Everyone else is doing it..." BLOGGING! Kyle is laughing, because I have had a BAD ): attitude to blogging, blogs and bloggers... UNTIL I started reading blogs and OMG - the things you find out about people that "you thought you knew"!!

We've enjoyed reading from our friends' blogs and catching up on all the news through the summer.

Also Kyle and I have attended CISD's Tech Camp and went to a "Blogging" workshop. Maybe it's time that "The Vannoy's" have a blog... we shall see!


Kyle Vannoy said...

Hey, Babe! I love our new blog, but most of all I love you. Thanks for keeping our life in order. Your my #1 favorite blogger!


I knew you've been talking bad about me. I'm not sure but I may have been the very first Childress blogger, and I know now what you've been thinking. ;)