HUG the ones you LOVE!

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Monday night we had a HUGE scare with Kyle.  Monday as the first day of school and we finally arrived at home around 8 PM that night for the first time that day - and Kyle just HAD to go run and exercise... I was to pooped to do much of anything! WELL, as Kyle finished his run to the gym (he's been running 5 miles easily & often) he almost passed out.  He had heaviness in his chest - pain in his shoulders... dizziness, eyes were totally bloodshot.  Thank goodness we had a couple at the gym that helped and watched Kyle before I got there...  then we took him to our good friend and preacher, who is multi-talented - including an avid runner and a EMT... Kyle wasn't going to let me take him to the ER - but he would go see Trey.  So Trey took his blood pressure and checked Kyle out... he was okay.  Kyle had a rough night and still was not feeling well the next day.  After talking with fellow teachers at school the next day (that had experienced heart attacks with their husband) - Kyle now has an appointment with his doctor for a check up...  MEN!  You gotta love 'em.  Just do yourself a favor and HUG YOUR LOVE ONES - you never know what the next day may bring!  I truly love my husband - 
and he better not leave me to raise these kids on my own!  hahaha!  Hey!  That's why I married a "younger" man... to take care of me when I get old! (~:

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