My "A" Team!

One of our summer goals on our "To Do" list were to finally get all of our photos in order... right ):. Now it's on our Christmas "To Do" list... but it sure was fun going through all these pictures. Where does the time go... they begin so little, so sweet and then... WOW!

Thought I would share with you pictures of when my "A" team (Andy, Alex & Aric) were sweet babies! ONE DAY (hint, hint dear husband) I would love to have these pictures all matted and enclosed in a shadow box with this outfit that they each wore!!

Kyle always claims that I buy what I want and when it comes to getting me a birthday gift or Christmas gift... he doesn't know what to buy because I already have all that I want.
Hmmmmm! Ladies, you know that's a LAME excuse, huh! Oh well, he loves me anyways... without gifts... and I'll just buy myself a gift or two next birthday, anniversary or a day that ends in "Y"!

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