So what do YOU think of tattoos? Tonight, as we watched Michael Phelps win his 8th medal in this summer's olympics - we were so excited. Standing in front of the T.V. screaming, then yelling for victory. It was great! We allowed the boys to stay up late to watch - hey! it's history, right!! Aric made several comments that he wanted an Olympic tattoo. After a looong pause, my comment back was "when you are competing in the Olympics and you win a medal - sure, you can get one! BUT only until then...." (so if he's in the olympics; remind me of this!)
What do you think of tattoos? I have seen some super art work on skin... but your body changes! I've seen some elderly men that I have wondered "what is that" on their arm or leg that has changed "shape" -( I hope! ) from the time that they first got their tattoo.
It's the "IN" thing for young kids to get tattoos... I have also seen the horrible process of a former student going through the removal of a tattoo. It's real easy to say - my kid won't have a tattoo... because in reality (I know too well) once they turn 18 - they're considered an adult and can get a tattoo without your consent.
As a Christian parent, it's a concern that I have for my boys. I have a son that can easily get one now - although he's still trying to get his hair back to its original color from the last "great idea" (life lesson) that he had.
Maybe it's a fad - a permanent reminder of the 2000ish "thing to do". At least I can hide my 80's style Madonna clothes, leg warmers and pet rocks... hmmmm something ELSE to ponder! Would love to hear what you think!

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