10 Blessed Truths

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      This Monday, I've started a study of 10 Blessed Truths. Thought I would share with you. 
#1 Blessed Truth is to love yourself. 
 Effect change within your heart and soul in order to be the best person that you can be.  Loving yourself is a blessed truth. 
    Boy!  That's a hard one!  To love myself...hmmm.   Do you love yourself?  How do you know?  I wonder who I am and why has God put me here?  I believe that one of my God given talent is to be an encourager.  To encourage, push, up-lift and support my Christian family,  friends and students - I am needed!  Being the best person that I can be involves people!  I need to lift up, to reach out, to help and encourage who I meet each day. (That's why I make cards so often... to "encourage"... right?)  To love myself - I've got to share my "love" with you -- soooo watch out - here I come! hahaha!  What's your God-given talents?  

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