It time for Flag Football!

The season has begun!! This is Alex's last year for flag football. We have been playing this sport since 1996! Remember those years, Andy Hayes (Go Packers!)? This year, Alex is on the Red Raiders with Coach Dr. Craig Darter! Saturday, his team won with Craig's son, Jacob, coaching! Jacob is a freshman at CHS; must be in the blood! Aric's team this year is the Sooners! (Eat your heart out Andy! Yes it's the team rated over 'Bama!). His coaches are Todd Cummins and Jeff Pleming, the Sooner team had a great time playing this Saturday afternoon! The weather was unseasonably hot! 91 degrees... we are all sunburnt from the afternoon sun! Even so, a great time was had by all! Here's a pic of the Vannoy's "yelling crew" for this Saturday's games (Uncle Byron, Pawpaw and Ging)!

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