A Miracle - AH gets a haircut!

Yes, miracles do happen... Andy Hayes got a HAIRCUT!  I'll punch in before and after pics ... it was much needed.  His long-time hairdresser, Connie, was able to fit him in before AH flies out tomorrow!  Andy just didn't want any "random" person cutting his locks??  Anyways, Andy owes me greatly... and he conceded for a haircut for a "make up" gift.  Andy told me "OF COURSE  I know how to caulk..."  and he tried caulking the boys shower and toilet... ARGH!  Yeah - he owes me still; but the haircut is nice.  Does anyone know a good way of REMOVING silicone caulking? 

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Leslie said...

I was actually looking for your scrapping blog site to thank you for signing up for my blog candy. But, since I am here, I can help you with your problem. Go to the hardware store in your area, ask for a caulk removal tool, it is very easy to use. As for around your toilet, if you can't get it with that tool, which you may not, what you would do next is CAREFULLY use a blade, like a box cutter tool and scrape it out. If that is not working, pull the toilet from the floor and you will be able to scrape the floor and the toilet a lot easier.
Hope this helps you.
ps, your son's hair cut looks nice.