PIES! What is your favorite?

Okay - here we are "on a diet" for healthy living... and I'm dreaming about PIES!  On this blog's sidebar, my boys have added their favorite pie recipes!  

Andy's favorite pie  is Pumpkin; 

Alex's favorite (and mine) is a Cherry
 Cream Pie; Aric has many favorites... today, he chose his NaNa's Fudge Pie!  


KV's Aunt makes the BEST coconut cream pie - KV wants to try and bake his own coconut cream pie.  So today,  KV's ambition (after running 8 miles...)  is to make a great pie! My ambition is to cook, wash, fold and clean (just like a woman's day...joy! argh!). I have bought the roll-out pie crust... to good and too cheap not to just buy it!  I've got a recipe, all of the ingredients... we'll see how this goes!

My favorite pastry crust recipe came from my wedding announcement brunch in 1986 from a sweet lady - Mrs. Don Bearden - (1 1/2 cup Flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1/2 cup shortening & 5-6 TBSP cold water) But my pie crusts still are not good?   Supposedly, if I use LARD - it would be better?Any comments! 


My Uncle Byron has his prized Pecan Pie - he uses chopped pecans for better eating for false teeth! KV's mom is an expert of ANY pie! Love her Grape Juice Pie!  Ging loves to bake Chess Pies (pineapple is her favorite).  The first pie that I ever baked KV was a Key Lime Pie!   I'll post our creation from today and scale it's taste test!!  Pie - what's your PIE favorites?  Enjoy a slice of pie today, watch this "3 Stooges Pie clip" and enjoy life!  Have a GREAT weekend!



I told Lea yesterday that when I die I want "He loved apple pie" put on my head stone.

It is by far my favorite of all desserts!!!

Stephanie said...

You are always amazing!