Andy's 20 TODAY!

oldest is
20 today! 
Andy Hayes!
I love you! Hope
you have a great day!
Andy's B-day card - I wanted something different and unique. It's a "SMELL" card too - it smells like birthday cake! hahaha! The scent is added on to the scored line of the card - it looks like clear finger-nail polish! Too funny! You can order some here at this link - if you're interested in "smelly cards"!! This card features a embossed birthday cake that flips back to show a "shaker" insert - the confetti inside the card makes the 20 look like a 30 - he's only 20 today! "Shaker" is the term, because you can shake the card and the confetti inside the clear insert will "shake"!! A very thick card - hope he likes it!

Hey Andy Hayes - check this link out
listen to the music - you'll be amazed - they're good! Let me know what you think!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Absolutely Adorable, Amazing, Authentic.....You get an A+!!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Oops, did I forget Aromatic???