Creating Valentines!

     Here are some of the Valentine crafts that we were able to complete before the big party on Friday th 13th! (How ironic!) Aric is the only one that was lucky enough to have a celebration for Valentine's - so we fixed him up right! We sent "LOVE" water bottles -haha! (Waterbottles with cute little hang tags) - got the idea here from Angie K. Juda. We have used this project OFTEN - and it always brings a "wow" - and they are "easy-peasy" too.
     Aric and I also fixed up Candy Bags - featuring a "Heart Butterfly" - used the cutout heart handle to created a butterfly - Aric's idea! Do you remember writing out your class valentines... great memories! LOVE the chocolate! (Love, LOVE the Valentine chocolate  candy 75% off sale the-day-after Valentine's Day - hahaha!)     
Every year our church ladies give a "Sweetheart Banquet" for our senior members. This year, I was in charge of decorations! It was a quick job - we had 3 hours to set up and cook  - along with LTC practice. There were about 45 honorees; it all turned out great!  Happy Valentine's Day