FYI Class of 1982

Hey! Classmates of 1982... just found out one of our own is fighting a huge battle with ovarian cancer. Crystal Wright
 Miller. She needs our prayers and support... here's a link for more info.    She's someone that I love dearly - that "Zany-Wacky Woman" - she's staying so positive! Our
 senior year in high school, we were in the drama production of "Harvey"  - she was Veta Louise and I was Myrtle Mae - hey - we made All-star cast - a winning duo - we were!  Ah, the memories!  What is it with "childhood" friends... they are the best!  You can make new
 friends, but the old ones are worth gold!  Maybe because they know things that no one would ever remember or believe, ha!  Have a great weekend!  HUG the ones you love!