Happy "Green" Day!

     Hope you all had a pleasant St. Patrick's Day today!  We started out with green pancakes... (just food coloring)!  Had to make ANOTHER run to the dentist- Alex's tooth AGAIN (poor Alex on April 1, 2008 busted in-1/2 both of his two front "PERMANENT" teeth- they will not stay bonded for a long period of time; dentist were hoping not to cap them until he's around 17-18 - he's 12?!  So we have bonded over & over again!  We LOVE Dr. Green! )
     We're STILL washing clothes (we were 3 weeks behind - argh!) - but we're down to linens and towels - thank the Lord!  We still moving and cleaning for the estate sale - we're learning a LOT... wills, probating wills, everything involving an estate, closing accounts, the need of LOTS of copies of  the death certificate and etc...   
     Found a couple of minutes to create and design a couple of St. Patrick's Day cards - using a
 SC sketch, a new cuttlebug texture card , cute "Irish" ribbon and some free designer paper that I printed off from the internet here.  Hope you're wearing green - if not "PINCH" -got'cha!  Happy
 wedding anniversary Paula and Chris! Have a great day!