LTC Art Sculptures

This weekend will be the annual LTC convention.  It's a church competition for Leaders in Training for Christ (LTC) - it's where kids from 3rd -12th compete in different Christian events.  Tonight (of course they're due tomorrow) we finally put the finishing touches on the boys' sculptures.  

Alex's sculpture is a very basic wire sculpture of Jesus healing the blind man (John 9:1-18); the story where he spits in the dirt and
 makes mud... this is what Alex tried to catch with his sculpture - Jesus' applying the mud to the blind man's eyes... can you see it? 
 Alex is a "no frills" - very basic guy!  

Aric's Christan art is a sculpture symbolizing the LTC theme "Life, 
Light, Word" - (John 1:1-4) a very unusual presentation - but it works.  Aric has got incredible mind to think of "wild creations"... Here's a pic of each of the 3 

Thanks for looking!  We're still working on the LTC Christian Children's Book - argh!  We'll see if the
 drawn pictures all scans well - Alex & Aric team wrote/illustrated the book!  Wish me luck in doing the computer work and printing of the book!

  Nothing like waiting until the very last day to finish, huh.  Do you ever do that?  I wish that I didn't... but some days it's best if I just take it "one thing at a time" - that's all I can handle!

Have a great day!


a cowgirl at heart said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Your kids take after their mom in the talent department. I know you are so proud of them.

mjvaughans said...

Happy Birthday!! Dad called me and told me he saw it was your birthday in the church bulletin :-) Have a great one!