LTC Drama

Christian Drama teams have 6 minutes to act out a scene using the 2009 theme "Light, Life, Word" - from John 1:1-4.  The team writes out their scripts, make the props and performs the skit in front of a judge and live audience. 


Aric's team won a GOLD rating today with their performance of "American Idol" - emphasizing not to have any "idols" before God - guest starring Jesus as a judge, along with "Paula and Simon" (Aric is Ryan Seacrest announcing!!) - they have 4 "unforgettable" contestants - too cute!

Alex's team has their skit in the airplane of "Celestial Airlines"!  Where Jesus is riding with several types of people that need his assistance.  Very good plot - with
 great performances.  They will compete on Saturday!

Hope you are having a great Easter weekend!  We're
 remembering why we live in a small town - traffic, traffic, traffic -  ARGH!

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Anonymous said...

I hope they did a great job! I bet you all had so much fun!