2009 Piano Recital

Piano has finally came to an end for another year for "The Vannoy Boys"!  The big "crescendo" for the boys was playing before "The Judge" for the Piano Guild and then the annual Recital for Monson Music (Hey Jay..!  Mr. M does remember you and still is in therapy from you and JJ! LOL/JK!).  Alex and Aric have survived and are taking a summer vacation from piano.  

We rushed (literally 90 mph to Quanah) on Friday - we were late!  The boys appointment was at 3:15 pm.  Alex was in the middle of the "CJHS Park Party" WET - I brought his church clothes... but no dry underwear!  So Alex got to perform "Comando"...  shhhhh!  It's a secret - but isn't that hysterical!  Argh!  Aric forgot his church shirt and wore just a t-shirt under his sweater vest - but no one noticed (or care)!  We all survived!

Both boys scored a 96% on the guild report card from the judge - Aric topped out with 20 c's; Alex had 20 c's also with 1 a... Alex was not happy that his little brother beat him in the brother duel that they alway have between each other - life goes on!  Here's some pics from the recital!

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mjvaughans said...

Seriously, I cannot believe he still teaches piano! Speaking of commando and Mr. Monson (not things you typically mention together in one blog), I'll never forget having an accident in my dress and dad making me a paper sack one to wear to get home in. Well, who do we run into but Mr. Monson. He came up to the car window to talk to dad and I hid in the back floorboard in that silly paper sack! Hee, hee!