Foto Friday

We had 95 degree weather yesterday!  The boys JUST HAD to play in the water.  We are SO READY for the summer vacation! 14 school days left!  Have a great weekend!  Here are my photos!  (I do try to feed my kids - they look very skinny here - poor Alex; nothin' but bones!)



mjvaughans said...

Those are definitely some skinny boys! They look like they are having a great time! This heat is brutal. Andy is at his friend's house playing in the sprinkler right now. Did I ever tell you I teach with Shannon Sims? How bizarre that mom was her 7th grade science teacher. Ha! If I did already tell you that, chalk it up to end-of-school year craziness. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Feed the kids Mel! LOL! Cute pictures love it!