Making Memories.../Class Sponsor

Being a sponsor of a selected class of students (Freshman, Sophomore...), is part of our teaching job here at Childress High School. KV and I are class sponsors and our group are finally Seniors this year - and the month of MAY has us thrown with this bunch of crazy kids OFTEN! This group holds some special kids! They have been a great bunch to sponsor and watch grow up. Also we are only senior sponsors every 4 years - so we forget everything that this job (Sr. sponsor) entails... So we are making "mad dashes" to get everything ready for the 2009 Graduation! PRAYERS would be much appreciated!!

Yesterday, we took 62 Seniors to 6 Flags! It's called the "Suicide Trip" - being that we go and come back all on the same day AND then go to school the next day... argh! I am TOO OLD for this stuff! We had a SUPER time. There were also 3 other sponsors and 2 bus drivers. We just THOUGHT the kids would be so tired that they would crash on the way back home - WRONG! Quote:  "They were making memories..." this was their last (school sponsored) trip together and they made the best of their time (I guess!). I thought by riding on the BOY bus, that it would be boring and quiet - NOT! Those boys sang, danced, led cheers, made the "Honk" gesture at EVERY semi-truck that past, ALL THE WAY home! (18 year olds...MEN (they think...!) hmmmmm!) My ears are still ringing because of all the noise! Ahhhh, the memories!

KV and I enjoyed Six Flags! It was an odd situtation to be there without our boys! We tried to ride everything - but we both got "so dizzy" on each ride. "AGE!" , huh! The Titan was AWESOME - both of our #1 pick for the best ride, next was either the "Batman" roller coaster (where your legs dangle) or the "Flash Back" - both were so cool! The "Magic Mountain" ride (inside the dark tunnel) was great! We found ourself riding the old rides - not sure if it was for our childhood memories or for the sake of our kids... hmmmmm! Like the Judge Roy Scream, Runaway Mine train & Speelunker's Cave (except that's not what it's called now... but if you're OLD - maybe you'll know what I mean!!) LOL! Needless to say - we had a great time! Brought back 6 Flag shirts and "Super Hero" capes for the boys and VERY sore bodies for us - hee hee!

Now it's time for Baccalaureate services on Sunday, regular classes M-W, semester tests on T-F, Graduation Ceremony Friday night and then SUMMER...


mjvaughans said...

Hee, hee...your Six Flags knowledge is as old as mine (Spelunker's Cave used to make Matt scared!). It is nice to teach in a big school sometimes because you don't have to be a class sponsor! :-) I won't be like my 61 year old Mom at prom last week sponsoring it! Remember going to that theme park one year (I think it was like Hurricane Harbor?) all together. Fun memories!

Stephanie Harbin said...

I am freaking out letting my kid go to Wonderland for a day and now I have to start worrying about her going to six flags in 10 more years!!! Thanks for giving me something else to stress about:) Seriously, you are sooo young, and I know you can handle all this. I know the kids love you too.