Super Hero Capes

Sorry for not blogging more often.  Hey!  
It's the summer - but we've been quite busy!  We're getting ready for our church's VBS, starting up this Sunday night (Come join us!).  

Told my mom that the next "great idea" that I have... to just kick me hard!!  LOL!  I had this vision... our theme was "Jesus/ Super Hero" and I just had this idea of all the kids running around with capes on... SO!  Being the "artsy-fartsy" one and having a mother and husband that support me so much - we are making capes = 180!!  OMG!  Alex is my model in the pic with the cape.  He's a little big in size for the cape, but you get the idea.  The capes will go to the kids up through 5th grade attending the VBS.

  Several ladies in the church are helping - each
 making 10 capes!  Ging cut out portions of the fabric, printed the iron-ons and I assembled it all together.
Then she cut out 50 capes and I'm trying to get them all "serged" tonight.  I got a serger machine over 20 years ago - Best gift that my first husband ever bought me... but working with a serger is frustrating, hmmm , just like my first husband - LOL!  ANY-WHO!  Will take pics next week and let you see the kids reaction.

We're using 100% muslin fabric, iron on transfers and velcro tabs.  Cutting and "serging" the edges has been the most time consuming!  KV has become the official "Iron Man" - it's all
 teamwork and it's coming together so well.  After this activity is completing the boys'  4-H Record Book - argh!  Hope you are having a great week and a great summer.  Hug the ones you love - real TIGHT!  It feels GOOD on both sides! LOL!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Girl, you are working too hard for a summer vacation. I spent all day making cards. I got my swaps finished and then made 8 more cards out of this pretty paper I found. I forgot all about cleaning the bathroom:)

Jenschke Family said...

Love the capes and what a wonderful idea. The kids will love it!

Don't tell Lonnie but we haven't even started G's record book!!!!!!!! I am taking full advantage of being married to the County Agent! G's book will fly to Vernon with the agent!