Kids are gone to Church Camp!

All is quiet at the Vannoy House this week.  Sunday afternoon, we dropped the boys off at Quartz Mountain Christian Camp (QMCC).  This is Aric's first year; Alex's third to attend camp.

"Wonder what they're doing now" has been the popular statement since they have been  gone!  They are surrounded by great people, lots from home, so I shouldn't worry.  

KV and I are reconnecting, spending day and night together!  We haven't done this in years!  Poor thing, my "honey do" list is long!  He's pulling wallpaper off in the boys' bathroom as I blog!  HA!  And you thought we were doing other things... shame, shame!  LOL!  Hope you are having a great week!  Hug the ones you love, I will on Thursday night!!  (P.S.  Marilyn B. is the sister who gave her brother Walter L. the "Eyes" bra!!  If you're clueless; scroll down to the Bizarre Project post!!)