The Most "Bizarre"Project...

Through the year, I LOVE helping out and doing projects for friends in need!  This project, that I just finished, happens to be the "Most Bizarre" or should I say "Bra-zarre" - LOL!  I don't want to ruin the surprise... it's a gift from a sister to a brother and it's too funny!  

The brother has a saying of always exclaiming "Look at her big EYES" when passing a female with a large chest... The sister saw a decorated bra while on vacation and wanted to make it for her brother... It's a bra decorated with flowers and it has EYES on it! LOL!  It's hysterical...  Now, I've not ever painted a bra before (hmmmmm!), but my job was to paint eyes to finalize the project!  What do you think??  I've included before and after eye pics!  The eyes include blue irises and 3-D lids with long lashes!  Just had to share and I HOPE I haven't ruined the surprise.  I'll post later WHO everyone is when the "EYES" have been given out! LOL!
P.S. Have you checked out Trey's blog "How to turn on a woman"?  I will tell you that a "pedicure" can change a woman's day and mood!  Getting a "pedi" is FANTASTIC - right ladies? Try it for your lady!

Hope you are keeping COOL!  We're preparing for the annual Old Settlers' Rodeo with decorating a float and working the concession in the big C-Town this weekend.  KV comes home tomorrow from Houston - hopefully bringing RAIN with him!  We're forecasted for 86 Saturday... WOW!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  We've had 105 or higher for the last week - argh!  Rain would be good!  Thanks for stopping by!  HUG the ones you love!  Have a great day!

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