They're Back!

The boys are back from church camp!  
Washing lots of "smelly" clothes, sheets and towels... WHAT did these boys actually do to get that smell? Hmmm!  Maybe I don't want to know... I think this pic says it all - that they DO take after their FATHER, huh!  LOL!

OH!  It's so good to have them back home!  Smell and all!  They BOTH LOVED camp!  We were worried about Aric; now, I don't know why!  They had such a great time and haven't stopped talking about all the activities and devos that they attended!  YES!  Good things did sink into the heads of my boys - believe it or not!

John Exum was the "coolest" counselor.  Thanks John - my boys think "you're awesome" - for all your given time, patience and infinite wisdom!  You're welcomed at our house anytime!
Of course to Trey Morgan and family - THANK YOU!  Many, many memories you have help make in these kids' lives - 

KV and I went up Thursday night; couldn't miss the "Smokey" show!  This session at QMC always host a talent show the last night of camp.  Amongst the campers, there is an Elvis impersonator named "Smokey" - he even has a fan club on Facebook - check him out sometime!  This was our 3rd "Smokey" concert to attend!  The campers absolutely go "wild"!  It's great!  

On the way home, we bought some fresh corn and roasted it on the grill - YUM!  I love summer food!  For more details of roasting corn on the cob... check out the last post before this one.  Yes, I DO cook the recipes that I swap!  Call me and I'll cook dinner for ya some night!  LOL!

Adding just a couple of pictures below that we took the last two days at QMCC! Wish I had Ericka's talent of picture taking, but I don't!  Not even sure how I got black and white pics??  Thanks for dropping by!  Have a great weekend!




It was an awesome week. Thanks for trusting us with your boys. And I feel sorry for you moms (and Lea) who has massive piles of dirty stinky laundry. :)

Ericka Moore Photography said...

Aw, thanks, Melissa, for the sweet comment! And you are the talented one. One of these I am going to have to spend a day with you learning all of your scrapbooking talents. And I agree with Trey on the stinky laundry. Nick's clothes smell horrible!

mjvaughans said...

Glad they had a great time and glad they are back safe and sound! They are so cute! I'm already sadly counting down the days until school hoo! Bye!

John Exum said...

Hey, well I am glad that the boys had a good week at camp. They did a great job at camp, minus a couple of things. ;) But I am really glad they were in my cabin. I always enjoy have a great group and this year the cabing was awesome. I am honored that they think I am awesome and I do appreciate the compliment. And I will take you up on the offer and come spend a weekend sometime. I hope the rest of your summer is great. I'll be in touch.