It's getting close...

It's getting close... Football Season!  One of the many "perks" of the fall, that our family enjoys.   Alex (my 2nd) will be in the 7th grade - finally old enough for playing school ball.  We will be the mighty CJHS Bobkittens for the next two years!  He participated in a local football camp held by our coaching staff here on Thursday and Friday.  Alex had a good time.  Here's some pics that I grabbed through the fence -
KV starts back to work on Monday!  Aric, Alex and I will chill a couple of more weeks before our schedule kicks in!  We've had a good break!  Hope you have had a great summer also!

Here are my July Card Swap cards.  The decorative covering-card is homemade paper; then there is a insert card with ribbon, silver embossed initial, and a variety of "violet" designer papers to decorate the monogram cards.  They turned out smaller than expected, so I made 2 for each!  Also had leftovers to make up some for belated birthday gifts - hey Jayma - yours is in the mail!  Let me know what you think!!  Can you see the onion skins in the paper?  Also used silver foil around the inserted monogram to accent the silver letters.  This was NOT an easy project and next time... I'll just have fun and design; nothing complicated!  hee hee!

Can't wait to see what the others design and create for their July card swap!  Steph always posts the results here - check it out!  
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!  

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Jenschke Family said...

I will get thrown out of town for this......but I can take or leave football!!!! Garrett played his Jr High years and I was never so thankful for him to say he didn't want to play in HS!! Sorry!

However, it was fun going to the games and watching him though (when he played his 40 seconds!) Enjoy this time....before long he will be a Sophomore and thinking about colleges! I know you understand but man it is killing me!