Need a quick Halloween treat...

Here's an awesome website to find "oodles" of Halloween treats, crafts, food, gifts, tags, ideas, ... all kinds of things - especially if you are in need for a quick treat for a Halloween party for this weekend!

Check it out! I used the bat "candy bar" holder - too cute!  She
 includes the template and colored label.  Just right for a quick gift or when you need 20 of them - LOL!  We used "Snickers" for Aric's class and "Hershey" bars for the 2 & 3 year olds Bible class.  They are so "batty-cute"!  Hope you like the website - if you're like me... you always need a quick idea for something - hee hee!  Love, love, love the "candy corn" section - WOW!

The little boys will have a FIT when they see that I posted this picture of them... just a very funny pic of a "crazy" minute in the Vannoy household  this week- goofy boys! LOL!  Hope you are having a great week!

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O'Hali said...

you are so freaking creative!!! I sure would love one of those chocolates gahhh... awww look at my boyfriend =]] I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD MISS HIGH SCHOOL THIS MUCH =[[