Down and OUT...

Down and OUT was my physical well-being this weekend!

ARGH! Thursday, I could feel my lower back "going out" - should have made a call for "meds" then... but our family traveled to Tulia for Alex's last football game of the season. 

(The 7th graders did WIN their game - it was awesome; picture

 is of Alex and a group of 7th graders in the Tulia Pizza Hut after the game!  Go Bobkittens!)

But I paid for the trip and not calling on Friday... couldn't even get out of bed... served breakfast by crawling around in the kitchen floor... didn't phase my kids... they just kept on eating without comment! I was IN PAIN - but went to school anyways. My classes are behind from my absences with Aric's illness and did not want to get them further behind. By 4th period - I was in TROUBLE! Even got down in the floor, trying to release the tension and then couldn't get up - EMBARRASSING!  

What does anyone do in dire straits? "Call the mom!" Made a dr.'s appt and my mom came and took me to the clinic - in and out within 30 minutes (OMG!) 2 shots and lots of meds - an order of "at least" 3 days of bedrest and no straining, bending or picking up anything... I was ready to mend! Took the rest of the day off. I want to take a second and make a "SHOUT OUT" to all that helped me Friday - I work with some awesome, caring ladies (& men) and it was nice to know that people care. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love the place I work at - because of the people who also work there!

It's been a long weekend. Aric played his last play-off game for flag football Saturday and the Super Bowl was held Sunday. I was there... sitting in the car! It was GREAT! Another trophy!


For a woman to have "Bedrest" - it's impossible... I've got cooking, cleaning,

washing - I am again reassured that if I die... PLEASE make sure that my husband takes a wife home from the funeral... it's something that will reassure me that my boys won't starve and have clean clothes and a clean home. How do you handle this issue in your household? I'm so serious!

On to better days... How are you? Hope things are well! Enjoying the FALL! "Love it!"


Stephanie Harbin said...

I am so sorry. I wish you would have called me and I would have brought over food and done your laundry for you. Please take care of you and be careful.

In my house, if I am under the weather, nothing gets done. Thank God I am healthy! But when I did hurt my foot the body of Christ surrounded me and took care of me and my wonderful daughter helped me so much.

Maria said...

Melissa - you totally crack me up!! taking home someone from the funeral!!! I love it! - Brandon better find someone at the hospital if I am knocking on death's door because if he waits until the funeral - my poor kids will look like ragamuffins saying their good-byes to me!!! Take it easy!!!

Jenschke Family said...

Ha....I am laughing at the husband/wife thing not your back! I have always said Lonnie has to place my kids for adoption if I die first. At least they would be alive!

Hope you are feeling better today!

Lana said...

Sorry about your back! I know the felling. I've had back problems for years, so take my advice and do what the Dr. says. Although, my Dr. calls me non-compliant when it comes to doing what he says!

That's funny about the wife at the funeral. But I used to think nothing would get done if I didn't do it, but trust me, if they have to, they will find a way to take care of themselves. I've learned the hard way, that my family can get along without me if necessary! The reason they don't do anything when I'm around is because they know I'll do it!!