New House Guest!

This week, we are baby (dog) sitting for KV's Aunt Rosie as she is on a CRUISE! "Missy" is a sweet, SMALL dog and she has came in and taken control of all of us - including our LARGE (wimpy) Dalamatian "Dallas" - check out these pics! Dallas is such a sissy that when Missy took over Dallas' large bed pillow - she resorted to Missy's very small bed pillow - LOL!

Recently, I taught a ladies Bible class over "Gifting vs Giving" (did she pick it out JUST FOR ME or what? - LOL!) I always learn more when I teach! To bribe my
ladies... I served a hot drink, as they came into class, (it was a cool, fall night) - also GIVING a gift to illustrate the lesson - but the ladies LOVED this drink! It was a store box mix that was combined with apple cider and served warm. This flavor was new to me - "Orange-Cinnamon"! If you are in the mood for something warm and comforting - this is it! Try it!

Our Career Club is hosting a conference this next week and we had to provide some door prizes. I made 4 all-occasion cards along with a matching box-bag for one of my door prizes. Do you think this is an appropriate gift for a "door prize" - would you like this as a gift and could use it? I'll include pics of the cards... Thanks for your input! (Hey Steph - I'm using my very beautiful ribbon...! Love it!)
This Sunday, our church is putting together Food Sacks to give out to the community on Sunday night. We're taking the boys today to the grocery store to help with
selecting and buying the items for this event - trying to teach "sharing" - (trying...) Wish us luck - I get so discouraged when shopping and spend most of the time saying "NO! You can NOT have a toy..." and that's EVERY time we go to a store - argh! Maybe, I should be learning PATIENCE along with that, huh! (hint, hint!)

Okay! This weekend - if you were going to the movies... would it be New Moon or The Blind Side? (So far... at CHS - boys want BS and girls want NM - go figure?!)
Hope you are off to a GREAT weekend! TGIF! Thanks for stopping by! We're going to clean out our garage Saturday - we've been blessed with A LOT of JUNQUE... LOL! Have a good one! Hug the ones you love!

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mjvaughans said...

I would love any of your cards as door prizes - who doesn't need cards?!
Aargh, don't get me started about grocery shopping with the boys. I have figured out to go get something right away that Andy wants and we need (like juice boxes) and let him think he talked me into them. Then I say, "If you get these, you cannot ask me for one more thing this trip." Ha! It works great so far and is a win-win situation!
I have not started the Twilight thing so I am biased but I really want to see The Blind Side. Let me know if you go and like it.
Love ya!