Merry Christmas 2009!

We're enjoying Christmas - family style! Wishing you and your family a FANTASTIC day!

(Hee hee... Andy did inform me that this year was the LAST year for matching p.j.'s - sniff, sniff! He was a good sport this year. I LOVE my boys! Funny how Dallas (the Dalmatian) looks as happy as I feel with all of my boys home and healthy! )
Merry Christmas!

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mjvaughans said...

Ha! I just laughed out loud about the matching pajamas - that will SO be me! Andy must really, really love you to let you post a picture of it! You never grow up when you go home, do you? We have had a wild and crazy time here, but so super fun! Mom and Dad seem a little tired - go figure! Headed home tomorrow but Mom, Dad and the Whit are following shortly for Alamo Bowl. Have a wonderful 2010!!