Happiness Project... start one today!

I'm a liar...
I even posted... that I would NOT make a New Year's resolution... UNTIL I found this HAPPINESS PROJECT! "What is that?" It's a book - and a website - but also a life style. It's something that I want, need, STRIVE for... "Happiness" - how to be happy ALL the time, no matter what happens! It's my resolution to become more happy and create a more happy environment for me and my family this year.
In my blog, on the far left-hand side - I've added the Happiness Project logo and this month and week's challenge. Try it! I'm aiming for a better attitude and positive results. I believe that one of my gifts from the Lord is encouragment - but how can I encourage and give support if I have a bad attitude or a negative outlook? So I'm trying to improve!
So there it is, my "written" declaration of becoming more involve in my happiness - creating a happy environment to all who comes close. Bare with me - or better yet - join me! I'm trying to be "happy" - LOL! BIG smile

This week's challenge is to TOSS & ORGANIZE. It's a proven fact that we ALL feel better when everything is clean - start small so things aren't so overwhelming. I know that is one of my biggest faults - "stopping before I get started" because of the size of the "mess"! I'm learning to start small and working in piles or areas! Here's a link for "27 Important Rules for Keeping Your House in Order" that I found very helpful. I've got to have a semi-organized house to function in a calm fashion. "No stress"... okay, maybe some - but I've learned that having a clean area to work in makes me happier... I thought I was weird - but now I'm finding that most of us are effected by this! Wow!

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT week! Hug the ones you love!

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West Texas Wife said...

Great resoultion I think I will join in I know I could stand to be a bit happier everyday! And love the 27tips I am going to try some tonight when I get home!!! Thanks