I'm a "Trashy Woman"!

It’s true - so true...

I’m a “trashy” woman!

Despite my best (or worst) intention, I throw away A LOT of trash. From my home, kitchen, classroom - where EVER - I end up collecting a LOT of stuff to dispose of!

During the Christmas Holidays - we had to bag up and go looking for dumpsters TWICE to throw away all of our trash because our TWO dumpsters in the alley were already full and could hold NO MORE - argh! (Not that WE did ALL the filling... I think the trash thing is “mutual” - we all have trash.) We are “Blessed People” - just look at what we throw away...

In my classroom, I threw away a BUNCH of unnecessary things today... that I and the students have collected over the last 5-6 months. I am trying to clean up between semesters and wonder how we collected up all this trash - and it’s not just paper.

So! You say RECYCLE... and I do! White paper, newspaper, tin cans, glass jars, light bulbs, plastic containers, brown and plastic sacks, wire hangers, even the plastic holders for can drinks... but I STILL have massive items to throw away. Told ya -

I’m “trashy”!

In the kitchen, I throw out lots of spoiled food. Do you feel guilty when you throw out a once green, healthy bag of spinach or lettuce that now is a slimy “yuk” puddle of green in a bag? I know I'm not alone; a recent study found that Americans throw away 50% more food today than they did back in 1974. How awful is that? Not only is 50% more food going to waste, a lot of money is also being tossed away along with the slimy parsley and shriveled carrots.

At my house, I've estimated that I probably throw out about 10 to 15 dollars worth of unwanted food a week (think leftovers, fruit gone bad, spoiled produce, etc.). In a year, that's enough money for a super-duper dinner at a very nice restaurant (including dessert), movie and a motel night stay with my hubby or even a single, cheap cruise ticket to the Caribbean!

In an effort to reduce waste in my own surrounding area: work, home, environment, I need to research and find some smart thinking, helpful methods, useful tips into my regular routine and will try to make a habit of each of them. Even just by adding one or two new things, hopefully I will be throwing out a heck of a lot less.

So, today I’m starting to compile a list... got any suggestions? Websites? Would love to know what YOU do to eliminate your waste, trash... How do you recycle? We donate all our clothing and items to the local thrift store or give to a children's home... but what else?

I’ve got to stop being “trashy” or become a more “Smart-Trashy” Woman

Hope you are well and having a great week. We are truly blessed people - having a problem with trash - how trivial is that..? I've got to remember to thank the Lord for my trash everyday, huh! Hug the ones you love and thanks for stopping by!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

oh, melissa, I am so trashy too. If all the trash was out of my house, it would be clean!!! I don't know the answers, but I do try to think out of the box and find a creative way to reuse stuff. My biggest problem is packaging that you buy stuff in, and food. I hate to throw away good food, but I also don't want to eat it and get sick!!!