Adding another resolution to the list...!

During a recent "blog surfing" event (which happens a couple of times a week) I read a blog that totally blew me away...

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans are overweight?

That diet-related diseases are the nation’s biggest killer. Smoking costs the country less than obesity. And for the first time in four generations, current American children have a shorter expected lifespan than their parents by 10 whole years, largely because of what they eat at home and at school.


-my child will live 10 years LESS

- and we think that we are so "advanced" in our technology and our knowledge from years past? OMG!

One of the reason for this rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease is that few people cook, instead relying on fast food and store-bought junk.

SO! One of my major resolutions for this year (and life) is for

My sons to be able to COOK

- and cook healthy! We are involved in 4-H and the food show is a big project for us. My boys do know basic nutrient knowledge and have acquired some shopping skills. But we're going to "bump it up" - I want my sons to be able to cook and live longer! "To be able to pass up McDonald's for something "home cooked" instead... "

In reading about this issue, this man gave 10 simple recipes every ones needs to be able to cook... hmmmm! I'm going to come up with some of my own... New LIST coming soon! LOL! Oh! How I love to make lists...

What do you think?

What are some necessary recipes that kids should learn to cook - for a healthier lifestyle?


Looking for simple recipes: a healthy breakfast, a basic soup, a nutritious casserole, a simple salad, a healthy sandwich, a balanced meal, a healthy & yummy dessert - cookie, cake, pie, a healthy snack... what else?

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Deb ;) said...

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup is a must I think! Add a grilled cheese sandwich and a small side salad, and you have a hearty but healthy meal!