Giving up the Route 44

It's been a whole WEEK since I've indulged in a Route 44 Cherry Coke! OMG - I LOVE these - but when I found out that this drink has 30 mg of sodium, 461 calories, not to mention the 125 grams of sugar - per serving (a Route 44 drink has 44 oz divide by 8 oz a serving... that's almost 5 servings...) ARGH!

And I was drinking one a day (...that's 7 cokes that I didn't drink - and severely missed!) So, it's been a week of just drinking unsweetened tea...! (Info found on under menu and nutrition - but remember the info they give you is PER SERVING...)

Hopefully, by not putting these extra things into my body - my body will become better - more lighter... hmmmm! We will see! If I can see some significant weight-loss - maybe this will truly tell me that it's a great choice to choose not to drink my beloved, sweet, but sinful cokes... what do you think?

Wishing you a great week! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love the most!