NJHS Pics / Making Valentines!

How are you?
Busy and cold here! Time is flying... and we're desperately trying to catch up and hang on! LOL...

Just want to share some pictures from the CJHS ceremony of the National Junior Honor Society with Alex and the rest of the 7th graders who met the requirements! He was so nervous... but we're proud of him! This class was one of the largest (23) to be inducted in CJHS history - WOW!

Aric is busy making Valentine Day goodies for 4th grade. Got this idea for a treat holder here - too cute! Aric was in charge of the "stamping" and filling of candy and I assembled them - hope the 4th graders like 'em!

The local Jr. High 4-H club on Tuesday made 70 Valentine Worm Pencil treats for the trays of the local Meals on Wheels! Got this idea here! This craft wasn't as easy as hoped! The 2 girls got a hold of the idea pretty quick... but the 10 boys did NOT... argh! At the end - we met our goal with 70 completed treats! (The recipients may wonder what the "heck" these pencil things are... hee hee!)

Snow, snow, snow here in the big C-Town all this week! It's so pretty... IF you're home and watching from a window - huh! Hope you are hanging in there! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!