Things that I love...

(saw this on another post...)

What do you LOVE?

I mean really - Love, Love, LOVE...
Feel free to share things that you love, too!

I love...

Ya know the kind, the big "belly laugh", tears in your eyes - laughter!

A Good Book
Enjoy a good mystery - anytime!

A Rainy Afternoon
Snuggling up with my loved ones inside!

Warm Cookies
The smell of homemade cookies - yum!

A smile
It lightens up the face, along with the heart

Who doesn't like a good afternoon nap?

It's where I call home - the "flat" lands

My Housekeeper
To come home to a clean house - OMG - wonderful!

A Bargain!
Finding something I want... "on sale"

The 80's
Reminds me of very good times!
(& lots of hairspray!)

A piece of ART
especially if I've taught about it in class and get to see it "for real"!

A Dog
Love to find a dog and give 'em a good rub!

My Boys
Their smell, voice and humor

Classical Music
Something to "unplug" to...

Friday Night Football
Something about being in a stadium with school spirit

I love my family members!

and the ones on my neck from my hubby! ;)

A Friend
Ahhhh - the memories we have!

My Husband
especially when he vacuums in his black socks... LOL!

What do you love?

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mjvaughans said...

Ha Ha!! I loved the eighties too - the higher the hair the closer to God! :-) Y'all have a great weekend!