Vannoy "Runners", Baseball & Rock Field 2010

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Will start today's post about the Vannoy Boys and their running expeditions! This year was Alex's first year in competing in Junior High Sports - for track, he ran mainly the MILE! (argh!) He loves long distances (for some reason that I can't imagine!). Their District Track Meet was cancelled due to the rainy weather - SO! Childress held their own track meet for final results of the year. Alex ran the 400, the 800 relay and the mile - "BACK to BACK" - (OMG!) And did I mention the 100 mph winds?? It was VERY WINDY - so windy that we all came home with at least a 1 lb of dirt and grit everywhere!! YUK!

Aric also ran in the Earth Day's "Mile Fun Run" - there were over a 100 elementary students that ran this last Saturday! Aric had his best time for a mile - 7 min. 39 seconds and was the first 4th grader to past across the line! This was his first race ever!

Also - Saturday was the Grand Opening of the newly renovated "Rock Stadium"! It was AWESOME! Kellogg's last year held a contest for giving $$ to renovate baseball fields - after a whole bunch of voting online - we qualified and have really put this $$ to great use! The facilities are really nice and will be used for years to come! YAHOO!

Aric's baseball team this year is the PIRATES - yellow gold and black! (Andy was a pirate - WAY back in the day also - BEFORE Aric was thought of; hee hee!) Our first game is Thursday! Alex choose not to play this year. - He'll be a "athlete supporter" LOL! Look for Aric on 1st base this year!

Even though we had SATURDAY SCHOOL (Boo!) 8-12noon - our students responded so well - we had a great attendance status - so our make-up day was a great success! Just hope that we NEVER will have to do this again!

I did get my laundry done... only with the incentive that we would go out of town after church Sunday! It all worked out! Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

So what is Andy Hayes up to these days? Hmmm! Studying hard - getting ready for finals, working hard at the North Port Wal-Mart, keeping his house clean in Tuscaloosa, Al (not) or just being a typical "college student"! SCAREY, huh! He was tagged in this pic on facebook... this is a "so Andy" pose - don't you think? Andy Hayes - we miss you... counting down until July - then he's Texas-bound for a couple of weeks! (and maybe a HAIRCUT!)

Tried a new technique this Saturday used in card-making - GEL CARDS. Using "hair gel" and making a faux water scene - with great results!

Got in mind a mermaid - gel card birthday card... hmmmm! This will require some thinking - ouch!

I must of had a "heaping of MOJO" - because I churned out 10 different cards on Saturday... I won't bore you all at once... I'll take my time this week - LOL! Here are the gel-cards - can you see the "gel" part...? Hmmm! Any ideas how else to use this technique? I even thought about a glass of lemonade or even a martini glass with an olive with the illusion of liquid...

Hope all is well! Thanks for coming by and wish you a great MONDAY out there! Hug the ones you love!

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West Texas Wife said...

way to go for your kids looks like they should all be running track! And I agree about Saturday school hope we never do it again!