Ready for a GREAT week!

Hope all the
out there had a wonderful day yesterday!

My family treated me VERY good and I appreciated it so much! Loved my "breakfast in bed" and all the goodies - it was fun! Thank you! Found this picture of my three men at home... what do you think? LOL! (Which one is which - KV, Alex & Aric... hmmm!)

Andy Hayes - he also call yesterday! "Knuckle-Head" - he was SO excited that he made a 108 on his business law class final - that he jumped in his truck and ran into a pole - ARGH! Andy is SO blonde... He also took a "Motorcycle Class" this last weekend - he said that he learned A LOT! He laid down his motorcycle only once - double-ARGH!! But all is well - he did pass the class! GOOD LUCK ANDY on the rest of your finals - Tuesday is his last day of the spring semester - SO JEALOUS! (We have 14 school days left!)
Roll Tide!

This weekend, we went to the RITZ and saw "Ironman 2" - two-thumbs-up! AWESOME! We all enjoyed this movie! The theatre was packed also - makes it more fun, I think!

How are you doing? Hope all is well for you and yours! Have a great week! MAY is quickly flying by! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love REAL tight!


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OMG I dread, dread, dread my children ever being able to drive! (Or go away to college for that matter) Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Love to all!