Meet "BELLA"!

This week included an educational visit to the Matador Wildlife Management Area - where we got to meet and hold
BELLA - a ball python!

We attended, along with local 4H-ers, a
"World of Wildlife" session.
(A reptile tour! eeek!)

We learned a LOT! We got to study and view horned toads, a SKINK (who CHOMPED the biologist and would NOT let go... argh!) , 2 milk snakes, box turtles and other reptiles! We went on a tour of the management areas and watched the men record and document different animals found. It was very interesting in finding what this great state has to hold and what is native to it's land! (And NO! the Ball Python is NOT a Texas native - it was just the highlight of the day - "Bella" was an exotic pet of a family that didn't want her any more and the guys at the management center took her in!) If we can teach high school students - holding "ball pythons" are no problem, huh! LOL! Have a great day!