November is FULL!

Hello! Hope the month of NOVEMBER has been a blessing for you! Thanks for stopping by! How are you? We've been BUSY here!

Aric (my youngest) has been "down and out"! Thought is was strep - but it's just a serious upper respiratory infection! I took the first day and KV took the second day of sick w/Aric. On my day -
washed all the sheets, blankets and comforters - just to be on the safe side! "Washing out all the germs" - hopefully!
I LOVE clean sheets!

Also CLEANED the little man's room - drawers, closet, underneath the bed (OMG!) , but he now has a spot-less room - or it WAS!
I'm pooped - had to go to school to rest - hahahaha!

Last weekend was full for us! Alex competed in Vernon for 4-H District Food Show! This kid was ready for the competition! We are SO PROUD of Alex - he really pitched in and came up with 2nd place - which is a HUGE accomplishment! We were excited! At the same time that Alex was competing in Vernon on Saturday - Aric was in the play-offs for flag football in Childress!

His team, the Saints, won and then played in the "Super Bowl" Sunday - they ended up 2nd place also! He was super excited to have scored the 4th touch down and kicked the extra points!

All turned out well! Hope things are going well for you and yours. My family is having a family reunion in
Albany/Breckenridge, Tx this weekend! Can't wait! It's my mom's 1st cousin's 80th birthday! We celebrating with a Potluck Lunch on Sunday.

We've also have "Gracie" time planned - lots of Gracie hugs, kisses and giggles! My boys LOVE this little girl! Can't wait - it's
been since July 4th since playing her! We're going to have fun.

Also have some geocaching planned! We haven't played in this area before! We haven't got to geocache in a LONG time. Andy Hayes has shown us up - almost doubling our score in finding geocaches - cheater! He lives in Tuscaloosa - and they're planted everywhere over there! LOL!

I love, love, love POTLUCK - don't you? I'm making candy to take - "Almost Almond Joy's", some red-velvet "Cake Balls" and taking a twist on the regular "Oreo Bites" by using strawberry milkshake Oreos w/strawberry cream cheese - YUM!

Here's to a great weekend ahead! Hope you have a GREAT one! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most!

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Melanie said...

thanks for cmomenting on my blog Melissa! have a great day!

Thanks for sharing the sweet links, love me some cake balls!!