Alex is 14!

This week, December the 1st - my middle son
turned 14 years old!

Happy Birthday, Alex!

We celebrated with a dinner at Golden Dragon (lunch was at Thai Kitchen) - can you tell we love "asian" food - LOL!

He was busy with UIL that day - but got out of school at 10 am! The time is flying by so fast with the growing of my sons! It's amazing to watch them grow... sniff, sniff!

During the Thanksgiving Holidays, we lost one of the members of our family

- Dallas the Dalmatian.

It was one of the hardest things that I've ever had to do in my life.

Our dog would gobble up anything - sometime last week, she ate the WRONG thing and by Wednesday - she couldn't walk - after 4 days of intensive care at Critter Care -her main organs were shutting down and we had to make the decision. We were with her every step - I loved that dog!
We adopted her from the pound when Andy was a freshman in high school on Halloween 2003. She gave us a great 7 years together! Every thing happens for a reason - this summer, Ericka Moore took our family picture and Dallas was included - how special is that! Now, these pictures are "priceless"! WOW - just to know that God knew and planned to have this picture for us to remember! It's still so hard to talk about -- so I'll move on!

Hope you are having a great weekend - how is the Christmas decorating going? I haven't even started - ba humbug?? I've got the Thanksgiving decorations down and packed - just haven't had the time to get the Christmas decoration out! Maybe the day is today - maybe!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope things are going well for you and yours! You are special to us - Hug the ones you love the most!


MamaBotos said...

Hate losing a pet! it is very very tough and so very sorry to hear about your loss. Hope everything is getting better... love ya Vannoy Family!!!

mjvaughans said...

Oh my goodness...I am so sorry. The picture of you all is beautiful! I'm so glad you have it. Love you lots!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! So sorry about Dallas, but think it was fantastic that you had your picture done with her. Have a Merry Christmas!