Learning to play SPADES!

Does your family play GAMES?
We do! - I grew up with my family always playing the dominio game of "42" or if it's with 3 couples - "88"! That's the major event at all of the Floyd reunions - playing 42!

Over the holiday break, KV & I taught our two youngest boys the card game of SPADES. Do you play "Spades"?
It's close to the game of "42" - so we'll move to that, once they have this card game down! The boys have picked it up fast and we play "Spades" often! Bidding is the hardest part for them (and me!) of the game. I was surprised to find out how my high school students did not play games - some couldn't even name the 4 suits of cards - I was shocked! I worry about what technology is knocking out of our children's life... hmmmm!

Are you ready for another "cold spell" - it's coming! I'm stocking up on groceries and putting "another log on the fire" - if ya get bored, come around and we'll play a hand of Spades! LOL! Here's to a great weekend! Hug the ones you love the most! Thanks for stopping by!