Family Reunion this weekend!

In memory of our sweet
Paw Paw
(Herold Kitchens) - all his kids, along with their families are getting together for a big family reunion at Possum Kingdom lake this weekend!

Can't wait! Love, love, LOVE family events - especially when it's NOT a funeral (seems like that's the only chance that we can get together is when someone passes...).

The baby in Paw Paw's lap in the pic is "GRACIE" - (Elizabeth Grace)! She's now 3 yrs. old and has in her possession a new princess pole for fishing this weekend! She'll have my boys at her every beck 'n call by the end of the weekend! Can't wait for some "Grace Time"! Oh yeah, also some quality visiting & game playing w/PC and hubby - Gracie's mom and dad! hahahaha!

Fishing, swimming, boating, playing games and just soaking up the sun - with all of our kinfolk - is what we will be doing all weekend long! Of course, we'll be picking up some geocaches along the way. We've got to hit 200 by the end of the summer... or is that 300, hmmmm!

We've got a family house at Fox Hollow and several cabins at Possum Hollow at Possum Kingdom lake - here's pictures of two of the cabins. We've not stayed at the cabins before - so I'll let you know later what they rate!

So far, EVERYONE is coming... that includes my mom, Soundra and all her brothers and sister: Lance, Johnnie Bob, Gary and Ann - aka "Kitten" along w/all of their families!

Andy Hayes is here in Texas! He got home to Childress early Monday morning... and will be leaving back to Alabama from the lake. He plans to fish, fish, fish.

We are planning to swim, and enjoy good food, fun and fellowship!

KV, Aric and I will be making a quick trip home Saturday - he and I will be giving the ACT test at CHS building and Aric has a Little League baseball game Saturday night - but then we're heading back and staying a couple more days at PK!

How is your summer going... Hot? Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend! Remember to hug the ones you love the most! Until next time...

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mjvaughans said...

Oh, brings back memories! I still creep out thinking about C.A. hunting alligator gar with a bow and arrow! Great fun with the Wilson bunch skiing and just having fun fishing and swimming! Hope you makes lots of memories for the boys. Give your mom a hug from me! Jayellen