Old School - New School!

Learning SOMETHING every day
has been a goal of mine - seems like... FOREVER!

Always find something NEW to learn... each day! Working with students 180 days of the year - always brings on something new - most of the time! Their method of thinking is SO different from ours- but kids now days are so far advanced in the technology field - it's just a different way to think - they can blow me away pretty easy! LOL!

This summer, I have used my students' method of learning by watching YOU TUBE! This website holds an INFINITY of videos (good and bad - always use with caution...!)

I have watched a video of how to fix my Keurig coffee maker when it didn't work properly - and it now works perfectly! I watched a video on how to change out the broken pull-chain device on a ceiling fan and replace it with a new one - and it works! Just surf the internet for answers - I even learned from a on-line blog how to apply a "french" pedicure and it looks good - thanks Katie for saving me $30! And the list goes on! This "Old School" woman is learning "New School" ways... bawhahahaha!

Hope all is well with you and yours this July! We are counting down for the last (sniff, sniff) Harry Potter movie - watching part-1 of the "Deathly Hallows" tonight to refresh us! Hitting the Cinema tomorrow for a "dinner and a movie" trip! Thanks for stopping by - and when you need to complete a project and not sure how - watch a YOUTUBE video or surf the internet!

Remember to hug the ones you love - until next time!

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West Texas Wife said...

so glad to hear I am not the only one who looks lots of things up... I use it to entertain Tripp... He calls it Tractor Tube because thats all he watches on the ipad! What did we do before it. Hope you enjoy whats left of your summer! See ya soon.