Homecoming came early this year!

The 2nd week of school was our

- when you're working on a high school campus; this is a big thing! This week is full of activities, drama, dress-ups, drama and homecoming fun! LOL!

As KV & I are teachers for CHS, we aren't THAT involved with the festivities ... but this year, we have a FRESHMAN - argh!
"Here we go again!"
Aric will be a Freshman during Alex's Senior year
- double ARGH!
Here are the senior football players for the CHS BOBCATS posing for their Homecoming Pep Rally!

The CHS Homecoming Parade was held on Wednesday night - at 8:30PM. The whole town really support this event - just hoping for next year, that the Boosters move it back on Thursday and earlier in the evening - as you can see - by 8:30PM we were in the dark and no one could see or take clear pictures! It was a great time had by all (even if we couldn't celebrate with a "bon fire"). Helped Alex and the freshman on their float - here are some pictures from that! Their theme was "Whack A Jack Wabbit" - we played Bowie Jackrabbits for Homecoming.

Even Aric was recruited to be a "jack wabbit" and bob up and down out of a trash can on the float while "hill billy" CHS freshmen "whacked" him... I owe him $12.50 for that. The freshman float won second - they were so excited! Go Freshmen! Class of 2015!

Friday was the Homecoming pep rally and game - KV and I sold programs for the first part of the game (another perk of being freshman parents - LOL!). We beat Bowie in a great game 12-7! Homecoming 2011

We all are excited about the 3-day weekend; celebrating Labor Day - but also because of the chance of rain and lower temps in Childress, TX! We have had 101 days of 100+ temperatures - so having the forecast of a day in the 80's - sounds sooooooo good!

Wishing you a GREAT and cool (hopefully WET) Labor Day weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time!

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