Happy Halloween

Wishing you a very happy and spooky Halloween!

With my boys being "too old" to trick or treat - we've had to alternate our Halloween celebration! You know the old saying "A way to a man's heart - is through his stomach?" -

Well! At my house - decided to get the boys in the Halloween mood by cooking - they would participate in something for Halloween, if they could eat... Here's our menu for Halloween supper -

Here are the links to the recipes used:

The plan was - to eat... they had to come "in costume"! LOL! So here is who came to Halloween Supper this year... Tarzan, a "Banana in Pajamas", a vampire football player and KV & I (witchy woman)!

Hope you had a wonderful and SPOOKY Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a great and productive week!
Remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time...
P.S. KV calls this my "Stevie Nicks" costume...
hmmmm! What do you think?
(That wasn't the look I was going for... but don't tell him that!)

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mjvaughans said...

What a great idea! I am going to be sooo sad when they are too old to trick or treat! :-( But this makes the night fun so I will copy your idea when the time comes. Happy Halloween!