Family & Friends - Make the World Go Around!

Hello! This last weekend, we had the pleasure to go down to the Austin area and represent Childress High School as an amazing young man, Scout Haile, ran in the Texas UIL Cross Country - State competition.

This student is truly a WINNER
- we took our boys so they would be exposed to a new sport; but also how this student is so focused and discipline! Scout is a BEAST! He finished 16th in 2AA division - against a "multitude" of runners AND mother nature w/HIGH winds and dirt... So glad that we had this opportunity!

Along the way, we were able to drop by at the home of a childhood friend that I love! Jayma is an amazing person - wanted to meet her two adorable boys that I've heard about and have seen pictures - but now I had the priviledge to HUG these cuties! Yep! I babysat this woman... if you can remember that far! Long blonde, curly hair - a sassy toot - turned into a wonderful woman! Ahhh - the memories! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jayma for our visit - made our day!

Also got to drop by the Vannoy Clan and spend the night with them. It was good to see KV's dad and family. In the summer, this man had open-heart surgery - he has improved so much! So glad to see and visit with them.

Have you been "out and about" to see the fall foliage? OMG! It's BEAUTIFUL - autumn is full of such rich colors - yellows, reds, browns and etc... God is alive and well - you can tell by his amazing creations - take some time and explore the turning of the leaves - you'll be glad that you did!

Hope you are well! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most - because family and friends really do make the world go around! Until next time...


Maria said...

Melissa and Kyle - thank you so much for the wonderful words of kindness!! All of us were so glad that you and your family got to share in some of our excitement this weekend! Everyone of those runners was a true winner in our book. When I think about all the miles ALL the runners have run - wow!! Glad that wind blew you back to Childress!!

mjvaughans said...

It was awesome to see you and your family! Your boys are so handsome and sweet! Andy and Brody asked all afternoon if you guys were coming back :-) Thank you, thank you, for coming over!