It's "Artsy-Fartsy" Craft Time!

My "up-cycled" scarf... cool, huh!

I am a "Woman of Color" - another term for Art Teacher! LOL! I love COLOR - lots of color; rainbow colors - yeah! Of course, found this craft on my new "favorite site"...

Easy-peasy... t-shirt scarf
Everyone has old t-shirts that are not in use - so "up-cycle" them... there are a MILLION ways to make a scarf that will add some pizazz to your wardrobe! With our household, I was able to find all the colors of the rainbow - fast! Took about 20 minutes of cutting and 20 minutes of tying knots - BOOM! New scarf in under 1 hour! Try it... or find a style that fits you! Fun, fun, fun...

Here are some decorations that I've put up in the CHS Art Room this week - wanted something that would last throughout February... It's so sad to come back after the holidays and find Christmas decorations still up; only 7 more school days until the holiday break - so I think the "SNOW" theme will last and be uplifting?!?! AGAIN - the idea for door came from my new BFF - "Pinterest"... my students have named him - Charlie the Snowman! Added the letters - S N O W to my main windows... (inside and outside) - for you that are "old school CHS" my room is half of the old library... my windows look out into the court yard - now, nick-named "the yard" - unless it's raining - then it's a flooded yard and it's called "Lake CHS" - LOL!

And then added SNOWFLAKES - on the ART windows -
they are coffee filter flakes - CU-TE!
Here's the site that I found the instructions/tutorial for the snowflakes - my students have had a great time making these during the week! Adding to the SNOW theme... unique snow flakes! Kinda matches our below 40 degree temps this week!

Next, are the November Card Swaps, that I promised last week! This month's requirements for our card project was: a Holiday of choice theme - 4 colors, 3 embellishments, 2 stamps and 1 decorated envelope. First card (to the left) is my project - the "telescope" snowman! He's easy to make and has a very cute "WOW" factor when placed on a card. Here's the website that I got the idea from and then added my own twist.

Here are the other cards that I was able to glean from the swap - 7 beautiful cards! The ladies really out-did themselves! Holidays included Christmas and Valentine's Day! Designers include: Amber Smith, Margie Robinson, Kimberly HIckman, April Vasquez, Maria Haile, Stephanie Harbin and Angie Husband.

Thanks for stopping by - hopefully now you are full of "artsy-fartsy" inspiration and off to be creative... LOL! Remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time...