How I love Spring Break!

We had an awesome break - we got lots of work done at the house and caught
"Geocaching FEVER" bad...

We've had lots of inquiry of what exactly geocaching is...
here's a link that has videos and information. That's us - after finding our 400th cache!


It's a scavenger hunt that incorporates your GPS. There are caches that are hidden EVERYWHERE.

"By who are these caches hidden"
- you may ask?
All kinds of people
- we have hidden 6!

"What's in the cache"
- always a log to sign; and sometimes SWAG!! (fun things for the kids to swap with - if you take something; you leave something of the same value in the cache). And we won't even start with TRAVEL BUGS!

It's a sport that we can do as a family - getting away from a screen and off of the couch - we're competitive with other team/family members and it always takes us somewhere new! It's cheap and fun!

On Friday of our break - we let the boys pick what they wanted to do - they picked traveling to Abilene to shop, see a movie and eat! We watched Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax" - in 3-D. Cute movie - the 3-D effects are unbelievable.

We also stuck in some geocaching - of course. We hit 89 caches this Spring Break - breaking our record from last year of 50. We also hit 400 total caches for our team - making the first of finding 100 in one month and a new high record of finding 50 on one day! See! Told you we caught geocaching FEVER! LOL!

Hope this post finds you well and healthy. Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...